Monday, September 10, 2012

NEW* Luxe Box / Fall 2012

Beauty products to a girl is like candy to a baby. Am I right? That's why I was super excited to finally receive my *New seasonal Luxe Box! As for a bit of background info on my subscription, I had previously signed up for the monthly Luxe Box. I had paid for a quarterly plan which was 3 consecutive months of this "luxury" beauty box valued at $12 each. Then one day BAM! A month into my subscription Loose Button (the Company owners of Luxe Box) announce that they are discontinuing the monthly boxes for the new and improved seasonal boxes! I was a bit disappointed with my first box, (review on my youtube channel) so my expectations were set quite high for this new $24 beauty box. Will I keep my subscription to Luxe Box? Well let's open up the box and see shall we!

This new shipping packaging sure does make me feel exclusive!

10/10 on the new box design!

I can finally see some more high end brands!

VICHY ProEVEN+ / Ok, Hold up! One of my pet peeves about paying for beauty samples is receiving "squeezy packets". I understand that there are 5 of them but it's not the amount of product that annoys me, it's the fact that it's harder to save leftover product and it gets kinda messy sometimes. Maybe I could just be a slob. Hmm, am I overreacting about this?

LANCOME VISIONNAIRE / This is the second corrector in my box (I prefer variety). At first this did not bother me until I saw this the NEXT day in Flare Magazine...

This is unacceptable Loose Button! I would rather not pay for products in which I can receive for FREE at a beauty counter at The Bay or Shoppers Drugmart. Tsk, Tsk. What a coincidence that I came across this. I should be a detective! **Sings Inspector Gaget theme  song**

Next products up are for hair, skin, and nails.

KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME / a scented oil meant for nourishing damaged hair
CHINA GLAZE in ELEPHANT WALK / a grey polish from their "Safari" collection
EXFOLIATING PAD by LOOSE BUTTON / gently removes dead skin cells

So this has to be the BEST part of my box; eye makeup! My makeup routine is never complete without winged eyeliner, lengthening mascara, and some concealer to help me look more awake. I love that all three of these products go hand in hand.

BLINC MASCARA / adds volume and length to lashes by tubing them (HUH?)

This product has to be the most exciting in the box! Im not an eyeshadow wearer but I can certainly use this eye primer for concealer.

BENEFIT STAY DON'T STRAY / a primer that works around your eyes and helps concealer and eyeshadows stay put all day


And the winner is... Seasonal!!

Loose Button has definitely stepped up their game packaging wise (much more elegant) and product wise in terms of better brands and a variety of products (makeup & skin/hair care) The only Dilemma I have is am I really getting my money's worth? Yes there are a few more products in the seasonal boxes but does the cost of these products individually add up to or exceed the $24 seasonal charge? Now I wont get into mathematics but clearly as shown above I could have simply gone to the bay and received that Lancome sample. And to be honest this has previously occurred in in my monthly luxe box.


Loose Button is a fairly new company so I will cut them some slack. But if they wanna roll with the big dogs (such as GlossyBox) they need to create more value to their box. So because I am a firm believer on second chances (or third) and more importantly because there is a $12 credit left onto my account, I am going to stay and see how the winter box turns out. If this doesn't work out then... GlossyBox anyone?

Get your hands on a Luxe Box /

Check out my youtube channel for an upcoming review on some of the products:

My first Luxe Box Experience!

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