Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little Haul..

Hey Ya'll!
I took a trip to Rochester and Buffalo in New York this weekend for a conference
called Winterfest. It's this amazing christian event with many performances and preachings for youth. After this weekend trip I felt so enlightened and even more in tuned with my faith. Aside from the spiritual enlightenment we all had a bit of money to blow and stopped at a mall in Rochester and the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls mall. I only picked up a few items because these malls mainly show case brand names (Ralph Lauren, Nike, Juicy Couture, etc) and I'm not really big on brands. Where was the UO, h&m, or F21? A better mall would have been Walden Galleria, but hey I ain't complaining as the trip was not meant for shopping.

I had wanted a basic gold chunky chain for a while now and was completely shocked to find one in Claire's. As I think a lot of the accessories sold there are marketed to very young teens. But I now make it a habit to purchase from this store when I'm in the U.S seeing as us Canadians are teased with the cheaper U.S price on the tag. I also plan on purchasing the silver one for less of a "Run DMC" vibe.

Gold chain Necklace - Claire's ($10.50) 
Cross chain Necklace - Claire's ($3.12)

I wanted an affordable setting powder for my foundation but its quite hard to come across darker powders in drugstores I find. So I came across this matte pressed powder from the Queen (Latifah) collection at Family Dollar, although it was not a dollar (FAIL!).

Matte Pressed Powder in Golden Medium (Q415) - Family Dollar ($6.25)

Turbans can look super chic when styled right. I love how these two have texture through the ribbing. They are also super soft and silky and I could not pass up getting 2 of them from family dollar (especially that vibrant red my goodness!). They are actually meant to be head wraps for a bad hair day or for sleeping but they look like fashion turbans to me! I plan on buying a few cute broaches to stick on the front of them for more glamour.

Red Turban - Family Dollar ($2.50)
Black Turban - Family Dollar ($2.50)

From Love Culture I picked up this sleeveless metallic cropped turtle neck (a mouthful I know). I thought is was so unique compared to the basic ones from American Apparel. I was super stoked to also find this in clearance for a price even cheaper than most thrift stores these days (thanks for the influx of thrift shoppers and prices Macklemore). I plan on revisiting Love Culture more when I travel as its similar to forever 21 with better pricing.

Cropped turtle neck - Love Culture ($3.99)

So I totally have an outfit planned already and here it is!

Skirt - Forever 21
Cropped turtle neck - Love Culture
Black Turban - Family Dollar
Gold chain Necklace - Claire's 

Wanna see a BIGGER haul? I just recently did one on my youtube channel!

Love your Friendly Neighbourhood Fashionista (Is this lame cause I think I will begin to end my posts this way haha?)
Tennille <3

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Luxe Box 2012

This Winter Luxe box is my second seasonal box. Let's see if this one is better than the last!

I thought this pouch packaging inside the original box was so creative. I will surely be using it while I travel.

Keratase Cristalliste Lumiere Liquide (I used it up!)
Eyeko Mini skinny brush mascara
B.Kamins Laboratories vegetable cleanser
Blue Lagoon Skin Care Algae Mask
Essie Nail Lacquer in Leading Lady
Prada Infusion D'Iris Eau De Toilette
Prada Infusion D'Iris Perfumed Body Lotion
Loose Button Kabuki Brush

The Essie polish and Prada scent are definitely my two favourite products out of the box. The Prada Milano has a very pretty light lilacy scent (yes I suck at describing scents). Although it is a winter box I think this eau de toilette will be a nice transition into spring. May I also add that I enjoy the bottle of this sample as well. It's a nice change from the ordinary tiny spritzer bottle.

As for the Essie nail polish this was a gorgeous colour to compliment my nails during the christmas season. The glitter gave a pretty tinsel effect to a plain red manicure. Although red is quite overdone for valentines day I will definitely have this on with a matching red lip!

I also thought the Eyeko mascara did an AMAZING job at lengthening my lashes without sacrificing too much volume. I am also excited about trying the Blue Lagoon mask and Loose button kabuki brush. I love hair masks and I really want to try a face one as well. I plan on painting my nails (with leading lady), deep conditioning my hair, and using this mask all at once for a full out spa day. I also do not own a kabuki brush and I think they are absolutely adorable (yes makeup can be cute haha)! I plan on using it to set my foundation with a powder.

Overall I really did enjoy this box and have to say it had some amazing products. I love how these items are very versatile ranging from hair, skin, and nails. Keep up the good work Loose Button!

Unfortunately I can not lie to you all and I did...cancel my subscription (BOOO!). At the moment I am a student and I must be saving up for university. This beauty box is something I can live without for now and I look forward to resubscribing in the future (*wipes tears*)

Get your hands on a Luxe Box!

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