Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nude Mood

Im really into keeping it au natural when it comes to this Summer's makeup routine. I find myself shying away from the bold pinks and vibrant reds and opting for anything browny/mauve on the lips and nails. Where did this nude attitude come from you ask? Definitely from revamping my wardrobe into a haven of essentials (t-shirts, button downs, and basic denim). I think that if I keep my beauty bits basic (say that 5 times fast), I'll definitely be able to overcome my newb makeup skills! Oh and can I get a pat on the back for finally finding good nudes that are predominantly drugstore!? #Winning!!

Loreal Polish in Mauvelous (heh)
Nyx Butter Gloss in Praline
Nyx Lip liner in 811 Nutmeg
Sephora lip last in 04 Brown is back

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lace Chase

Ahh, lacey bralettes. Simple, sexy, and overall super comfy. I have to say I'm one of those girls who miss the training bra days (ok maybe I'm the only one). Especially at a C cup I've always longed to fit into a dainty little bra without spilling over the top and I think this may be the one. 

Here bandeau meets bralette. I think this style is what prevents the notorious nip slips I face with the classic triangle kind (TMI?). This will definitely be a summer staple when paired with cutout tanks and slightly unbuttoned oxford shirts.

Monday, April 21, 2014



Blue tote 
Orange zip wallet 
Quilted cross body
White shopper
Tassel quilted cross body

Hi my name's Tennille and I'm a bag lady.
I'm not too sure where my purse obsession came from but I've been collecting them since circa 2009. From  cross bodys to shoppers, messengers and wallets, I love to find new pieces to house my daily essentials in. As my style is ever evolving, it's currently taking a turn for a simplistic aesthetic. Crisp white tees, relaxed jeans, and booties are my staple pieces at the moment, and the only things missing from my essentials are these beautiful Mango bags. 

Since I've been living in black all fall/winter, I've decided to opt for white for the spring and summer months. To jumpstart this transition i've purchased this gorgeous white structured shopper for a clean, crisp statement for my casual jeans and a tee days. Im also eyeing up that quilted side bag as it would make the perfect errands cross body. And to inject a dose of colour into my monochromatic wardrobe, this beautiful blue tote and orange wallet would do the trick. Thank goodness a girl has some birthday money to blow ;)

What is your fav brand of hand bags?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leather Love

Leather Love
Places to Purchase:

Leather anyone? 
Whether it's faux or reel I've been obsessing over the texture and look of this material recently. I think it all started out with me falling head over heels in love with black. Black jeans, black tees, black booties; all noir everything. It was only a matter of time that my obsession with the shade would lead to a romance with black (p)leather.

What really gets me excited is how leather has been incorporated into many recent trends. How amazing are those H&M quilted slip-ons? Reminds me of how much I dream to have a Chanel flap bag one day. And those lugly (an oxymoron combo for lovely and ugly) Zara sandals, a trendier alternative to birkenstocks, and an affordable twist on the Celine criss cross sandal. Lets not forget about sports luxe now. While this trend has simmered down a bit, (I say due to the blistering winds of old man winter) this Le Chateau leather look baseball cap puts a basic cotton cap to shame and also keeps your noggin toasty.

I had walked into Topshop the other day and found the most amazing pair of leather pants.  Up until then it's been super hard to find a pair that didn't crop on me, have a super low rise, or was all loosey goosey in the knee area. After almost caving into the Wilfred Free pair, I was super happy to stumble across this one for less than half the price. Sadly There was none in my size so I shall be hunting down every Topshop in the city for them. It's all good though, I love a good fashion chase. As it's super satisfying when you finally leap towards the item and realize it's what you've been looking for (then you let out a little shriek and look around to see if anyone has noticed your actions).

Are you in Love with (p)leather?

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Body Shop Haul

For the past few months I've been taking my skincare routine pretty seriously. I recently had an epiphany which made me realize that I should be taking better care of my skin in order to wear less makeup (no duh Tennille..). This was clearly not as obvious to me because I was getting carried away with how much fun makeup can be. From all the concealing and highlighting I did, it was just so fascinating to enhance what my mama gave me. So why continuously correct those dark under eye circles with a CC cream when you can get to the root of the problem and fix it!

So I am proud to say that I have found the perfect routine for my combination/oily skin and have already made some repurchases! Predominantly my routine is from The Body Shop because I've been through many drugstore products which I haven't loved, and just don't feel like forking up the cash for high end skincare. Therefore The Body Shop is that perfect median between the two by having a reasonable price point and partially natural ingredients.

Targeted to combination/oily skin is The Body Shop's Seaweed line. I love how well the gel cleanser cleans without being over moisturizing. Alongside how well the Seaweed day moisturizer sinks into my skin without any residue. Another repurchase is the Vitammin E night cream. This is hands down my favourite step of my routine. When I wake up the morning after applying this, my skin feel so nourished and soft. This cream has reminded me that even oily skin needs nourishing moisture as well.

I'm looking forward to trying out the seaweed clay mask as I love that feeling of deep cleansing your pores. The Associate also recommended this camomile makeup remover as it takes off mascara well without over rubbing your lashes. They also have a mini version of this eye makeup remover and another one targeted towards waterproof mascara.

I can't wait to dive into these goodies! If you plan on purchasing at The Body Shop, definitely become a card member and sign up for their emails as they are always having a sale!

What is your fav line of skincare?

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Maple VoxBox

Really? Another beauty box review? I know, I know. Just hear me out on this one.

 The number one problem that I've faced with previous beauty boxes (cough cough Luxe box*) was that I was not getting my moneys worth from the samples I received. While I may have received a single full sized item, many of the "deluxe" samples could be picked up for free at a beauty counter. Now I am not sure if this company has improved since my last box, but I think I've found a beauty box that many of you may be interested in.

What's a VoxBox?

Voxbox by Influenster is a beauty box filled with drugstore goodies featuring makeup, skincare, and snacks. While many Voxboxes are unique, this first box I received was filled with 7 full-sized products! Oh and that's not the best part. This beauty box is free (Say what!?)! Ok, ok, nothing in life is free right? In return for receiving this box for free, Influenster asks its members to share the box through social media sites such as instagram, twitter, and Facebook. Whether its giving reviews or showing off what ya got, Influenster wants you to influence others with these amazing brands. So if you use social media and love talking about beauty products, become a member at www.influenster.com !

My Thoughts

The fact that VoxBox features drugstore products is amazing! A majority of my everyday makeup consists of drugstore items because being a full-time student doesn't provide me with the cash flow for higher end products. Therefore after using the dead sea mud mask, purchasing it won't break the bank. The amount of full-sized products also blows my mind. This helps with using a product more than once in order to give an accurate review as to whether or not I like it. Last but not least is the versatility of the products given. from tasty snacks to glam lashes, this box ticks off many lifestyle goodies. Below I have listed some quick reviews of the products sent to me.

Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp and Dreamy Clusters- These milk chocolate bars and clusters are so tasty! My favorite is the heavenly crisp. Its crunchy and airy yet so flavourful. At only 100 calories, I won't feel guilty for buying a few more.

NYC Plumping Lip Gloss and Big Bold Curl Mascara - When first applied the lip gloss gives a light minty/tingly feeling hence for the plumping effect. Im guessing to compliment fuller lips the gloss feels a bit heavy, is quite glossy and is a bit sticky. It also smells like vaseline which I'm not too fond of. I have not tried the mascara yet but I'm looking forward to it because volume and curl are the top two things I look for in a mascara!

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa - This mask made my skin feel super smooth and very clean. When applied it has a strong minty and cooling sensation which almost made me think I was having an allergic reaction. Even though I didn't listen to the instructions to test the product before use, I was perfectly fine and my skin couldn't thank me enough for that deep cleanse.

imPress press on manicure - I have a love/hate relationship with these press on nails. The design is not to my liking at all. I may have worn bright colourful polka dots when I was 6, but now at 20 I'd like to sit and blend in at the adult table. When it comes to nail designs I go for things like houndstooth, and maybe the occasional cheetah print. Despite the design, these nails last about a week on me which was a shocker. I had tried these before in the summer and didn't expect the glue or tape to be so strong. Like I did previously, I plan on painting over them with a pretty colour for Fall.

Ice Breakers Duo - These mints are ok, but later leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth. The Duo is a combination of a fruity and minty taste which I'm not a fan of. I love icebreakers but only if its one flavour at a time.

Big thank you to Influenster for sending and letting me participate in the first Canadian VoxBox.

What are your thoughts on beauty boxes?

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