Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leather Love

Leather Love
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Leather anyone? 
Whether it's faux or reel I've been obsessing over the texture and look of this material recently. I think it all started out with me falling head over heels in love with black. Black jeans, black tees, black booties; all noir everything. It was only a matter of time that my obsession with the shade would lead to a romance with black (p)leather.

What really gets me excited is how leather has been incorporated into many recent trends. How amazing are those H&M quilted slip-ons? Reminds me of how much I dream to have a Chanel flap bag one day. And those lugly (an oxymoron combo for lovely and ugly) Zara sandals, a trendier alternative to birkenstocks, and an affordable twist on the Celine criss cross sandal. Lets not forget about sports luxe now. While this trend has simmered down a bit, (I say due to the blistering winds of old man winter) this Le Chateau leather look baseball cap puts a basic cotton cap to shame and also keeps your noggin toasty.

I had walked into Topshop the other day and found the most amazing pair of leather pants.  Up until then it's been super hard to find a pair that didn't crop on me, have a super low rise, or was all loosey goosey in the knee area. After almost caving into the Wilfred Free pair, I was super happy to stumble across this one for less than half the price. Sadly There was none in my size so I shall be hunting down every Topshop in the city for them. It's all good though, I love a good fashion chase. As it's super satisfying when you finally leap towards the item and realize it's what you've been looking for (then you let out a little shriek and look around to see if anyone has noticed your actions).

Are you in Love with (p)leather?

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