Monday, January 6, 2014

The Maple VoxBox

Really? Another beauty box review? I know, I know. Just hear me out on this one.

 The number one problem that I've faced with previous beauty boxes (cough cough Luxe box*) was that I was not getting my moneys worth from the samples I received. While I may have received a single full sized item, many of the "deluxe" samples could be picked up for free at a beauty counter. Now I am not sure if this company has improved since my last box, but I think I've found a beauty box that many of you may be interested in.

What's a VoxBox?

Voxbox by Influenster is a beauty box filled with drugstore goodies featuring makeup, skincare, and snacks. While many Voxboxes are unique, this first box I received was filled with 7 full-sized products! Oh and that's not the best part. This beauty box is free (Say what!?)! Ok, ok, nothing in life is free right? In return for receiving this box for free, Influenster asks its members to share the box through social media sites such as instagram, twitter, and Facebook. Whether its giving reviews or showing off what ya got, Influenster wants you to influence others with these amazing brands. So if you use social media and love talking about beauty products, become a member at !

My Thoughts

The fact that VoxBox features drugstore products is amazing! A majority of my everyday makeup consists of drugstore items because being a full-time student doesn't provide me with the cash flow for higher end products. Therefore after using the dead sea mud mask, purchasing it won't break the bank. The amount of full-sized products also blows my mind. This helps with using a product more than once in order to give an accurate review as to whether or not I like it. Last but not least is the versatility of the products given. from tasty snacks to glam lashes, this box ticks off many lifestyle goodies. Below I have listed some quick reviews of the products sent to me.

Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp and Dreamy Clusters- These milk chocolate bars and clusters are so tasty! My favorite is the heavenly crisp. Its crunchy and airy yet so flavourful. At only 100 calories, I won't feel guilty for buying a few more.

NYC Plumping Lip Gloss and Big Bold Curl Mascara - When first applied the lip gloss gives a light minty/tingly feeling hence for the plumping effect. Im guessing to compliment fuller lips the gloss feels a bit heavy, is quite glossy and is a bit sticky. It also smells like vaseline which I'm not too fond of. I have not tried the mascara yet but I'm looking forward to it because volume and curl are the top two things I look for in a mascara!

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa - This mask made my skin feel super smooth and very clean. When applied it has a strong minty and cooling sensation which almost made me think I was having an allergic reaction. Even though I didn't listen to the instructions to test the product before use, I was perfectly fine and my skin couldn't thank me enough for that deep cleanse.

imPress press on manicure - I have a love/hate relationship with these press on nails. The design is not to my liking at all. I may have worn bright colourful polka dots when I was 6, but now at 20 I'd like to sit and blend in at the adult table. When it comes to nail designs I go for things like houndstooth, and maybe the occasional cheetah print. Despite the design, these nails last about a week on me which was a shocker. I had tried these before in the summer and didn't expect the glue or tape to be so strong. Like I did previously, I plan on painting over them with a pretty colour for Fall.

Ice Breakers Duo - These mints are ok, but later leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth. The Duo is a combination of a fruity and minty taste which I'm not a fan of. I love icebreakers but only if its one flavour at a time.

Big thank you to Influenster for sending and letting me participate in the first Canadian VoxBox.

What are your thoughts on beauty boxes?

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