Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little Haul..

Hey Ya'll!
I took a trip to Rochester and Buffalo in New York this weekend for a conference
called Winterfest. It's this amazing christian event with many performances and preachings for youth. After this weekend trip I felt so enlightened and even more in tuned with my faith. Aside from the spiritual enlightenment we all had a bit of money to blow and stopped at a mall in Rochester and the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls mall. I only picked up a few items because these malls mainly show case brand names (Ralph Lauren, Nike, Juicy Couture, etc) and I'm not really big on brands. Where was the UO, h&m, or F21? A better mall would have been Walden Galleria, but hey I ain't complaining as the trip was not meant for shopping.

I had wanted a basic gold chunky chain for a while now and was completely shocked to find one in Claire's. As I think a lot of the accessories sold there are marketed to very young teens. But I now make it a habit to purchase from this store when I'm in the U.S seeing as us Canadians are teased with the cheaper U.S price on the tag. I also plan on purchasing the silver one for less of a "Run DMC" vibe.

Gold chain Necklace - Claire's ($10.50) 
Cross chain Necklace - Claire's ($3.12)

I wanted an affordable setting powder for my foundation but its quite hard to come across darker powders in drugstores I find. So I came across this matte pressed powder from the Queen (Latifah) collection at Family Dollar, although it was not a dollar (FAIL!).

Matte Pressed Powder in Golden Medium (Q415) - Family Dollar ($6.25)

Turbans can look super chic when styled right. I love how these two have texture through the ribbing. They are also super soft and silky and I could not pass up getting 2 of them from family dollar (especially that vibrant red my goodness!). They are actually meant to be head wraps for a bad hair day or for sleeping but they look like fashion turbans to me! I plan on buying a few cute broaches to stick on the front of them for more glamour.

Red Turban - Family Dollar ($2.50)
Black Turban - Family Dollar ($2.50)

From Love Culture I picked up this sleeveless metallic cropped turtle neck (a mouthful I know). I thought is was so unique compared to the basic ones from American Apparel. I was super stoked to also find this in clearance for a price even cheaper than most thrift stores these days (thanks for the influx of thrift shoppers and prices Macklemore). I plan on revisiting Love Culture more when I travel as its similar to forever 21 with better pricing.

Cropped turtle neck - Love Culture ($3.99)

So I totally have an outfit planned already and here it is!

Skirt - Forever 21
Cropped turtle neck - Love Culture
Black Turban - Family Dollar
Gold chain Necklace - Claire's 

Wanna see a BIGGER haul? I just recently did one on my youtube channel!

Love your Friendly Neighbourhood Fashionista (Is this lame cause I think I will begin to end my posts this way haha?)
Tennille <3

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