Friday, January 11, 2013

My Favourite Beauty Products of 2012

Now that the year is over, I'd like to share my favourite beauty products of 2012. I usually like to spend my money on clothing so I tend to stick to beauty products I love. Therefore you can all trust me that these are some pretty darn good products!

Tresseme Naturals conditioner in Vibrantly Smooth
Last april I began to straighten my hair less and wear it naturally curly. This conditioner helped a ton! It is super moisturizing as it contains coconut and jojoba oils while also being silicone free. I use this for detangling, conditioner-washing, and just recently deep conditioning. It literally leaves my hair "vibrantly smooth" and moisturized for about 2 days without any other moisture product! I seriously believe this conditioner deserves a holy grail badge!
Wal-mart $6

Naked Skin Foundation by Urban Decay
2012 was the year that I began to wear foundation. I've never had a problem with blemishes but I've always had a slight discolouration. In order to even out my skin tone I was on the hunt for a sheer, semi-matte foundation. Luckily I came across Naked skin! Wearing this foundation feels weightless and it lasts all day (I have combo-oily skin and only blot once throughout the day). I remember one day at work I received many compliments on how good my skin looked and when they asked what it was, I told them to "get Naked" !
Sephora $45
Neutrogena Moisture for combination skin
Let's just say that this product deserves a holy grail badge as well! I have combination to oily skin. While the more oils in your skin help you age more gracefully, it's also hard to wear a foundation for more than 8 hours. But I have to say this moisturizer has significantly reduced my oily T-zone and "normalized" my skin! My foundation lasts a lot longer and my eyelids no longer glisten. I have been using it since the beginning of April 2012 and the product is still not finished (and I have a big head alright)! It is lightweight and super afforable. The Neutrogena Moisture line also makes moisturizers for dry and sensitive skin. 
Wal-mart $13
Elf Powder Brush
By now you probably realize that I am a makeup newbie. So because I am new to the game I do not own many makeup brushes. Therefore again I was on the hunt for a foundation brush that was affordable (Ain't Nobody got Money for Mac!), did not shed too much, and again more affordable so that I could learn the basics before splurging. I had heard about the Elf Powder Brush from many other beauty Youtubers (who were pros in makeup) who loved the brush. Elf is sold online but I really did not want to pay shipping for a 3 dollar brush. So one day last spring I found this brush along with an 11-piece set at Winners! Ever since then we were inseparable. This brush is dense, has little to NO shedding, washes well, and creates a flawless finish. Although it is a powder brush it works amazingly with my liquid foundation.
Winners $20 (11-piece set)

Revlon Top Speed in Lily
Amongst the craze of pastel colours last spring (especially mint green) I sought out this pleasantly calming colour in lilac. At work I received many compliments on my nails from young and old about how pretty it was. I think this colour looks graceful on any skin tone and should be in your collection for this upcoming spring!
Wal-mart $5
Revlon in Vixen
Let's vamp it up now sha'll we? Fall 2012 was all about the wines, burgundys, and oxblood colours and this polish was far from shy of that. This colour gave a sophisticated feel and complimented much of my toned down wardrobe for fall. It looked amazing with grown out nails for that witchy vibe (that's a good thing). Overall this polish was very on trend, durable, and affordable.
Wal-mart $5 

Essence liquid ink eyeliner 
Where my winged eyeliner girls at!? This liner is very pigmented, has nice precision, and is SUPER affordable. It is not waterproof but still lasts all day once no one hurts your feelings. I will definitely be repurchasing this bad boy!
Shoppers Drug Mart $3
L'oreal Double Extend mascara
I am so sad that this product is finished. It contains everything you need in a mascara. The primer side gives length and primes your lashes so that your lashes hold a curl all day (although my lashes are naturally curled). The primer also helps your mascara not to flake away and it also protects your lashes from direct contact with the mascara (I found that my lashes fell out less). Once the primer is applied, the mascara side applies very smoothly. This end then gives volume to the lashes leaving them soft and not crispy (cough cough Maybelline). I don't want to seem big headed but again I received compliments (opinions from others help reinforce my view). Friends told me my lashes looked long and even my sister went out and bought it (her lashes are longer and just gorge!) I definitely recommend L'oreal in the mascara department.
Wal-mart $12

Revlon Super Lustrous in Mink (left)
Lipstick is hands down my favourite makeup item. I tend to go for simple looks (foundation, eyeliner, and mascara) so lippy just pulls it all together. But on a day when I am wearing bright clothing I apply this nude shade to my lips. On my youtube channel ( in my "5 Fall drugstore Lipsticks" video (which I will link below) I raved about this. It is super moisturizing, and the perfect nude for tan/darker skin tones.
Wal-mart $7
Rimmel London in Asia (right)
At one point I thought pinks would never look good on me, but boy was I wrong! Asia is a subtle browny-pink that I believe would compliment everyone!
Wal-mart $6

left - Mink
Right - Asia

So I hope you all enjoyed the products I had to share and I'd love to hear what your favourite products of 2012 were!

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